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Our goal is to provide you with quality vintage turntable repair parts at the best possible price.  What you see in the picture is exactly the part you'll receive, and from the model number shown.  We currently stock brands such as Marantz, Sony, Technics, JVC, NIVICO, Pioneer, Dual, Yamaha, Garrard, Kenwood, MCS, Philips, ELAC, BIC, Akai, Panasonic, Sansui and Thorens.


Our descriptions and pictures will always point to the item's flaws and not just focus on the good. When your part arrives, we want your response to be, "That was better than I was expecting."  A picture is worth a thousand words.


If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, your purchase price will gladly be refunded.


We pride ourselves on our honest portrayal of our products.  Try us and you'll see what we mean.  We want to earn your trust.


We rate our parts 1 to 10, and we will always weigh in on the low side so that you'll be pleased with your part.


10- Mint

 9- Near mint

 8- Very clean

 7- Normal wear

 6- Minor issues

 5- Somewhat noticeable issues

 4- Noticeable issues

 3- Problems

 2- Major problems

 1- You must be desperate


When using our Quick Search, keep in mind the many different terms we all use to describe the record player part you need.  Here's a quick list of some of the part names we use:


Tonearm or Tone Arm

Tonearm Clip/Lock/Rest- Used to secure the tonearm

Headshell or Head Shell- Holds the cartridge/needle

Cartridge Adapter, Cartridge Carrier, Cartridge Mount or Sled

Counter Balance Weight, Main Weight or Counterweight- Weight located at the rear of the tonearm


Motor Pulley or Capstan- Pulley found on the motor shaft

Rubber Motor Mounts Cushions

Feet, Isolation Vibration Dampers Insulators- You will find foot on our descriptions since they are sold individually most of the time

Cueing Lever, Cue Lift or Elevation Lever- Control used to raise and lower the tonearm with the Cue Rest

Cueing Rest or Arm- Lifts the tonearm

AC Power Cord Plug

Idler Drive Wheel- Rubber wheel used to drive the platter

Platter- Metal disc that holds the record

Rubber Platter Mat- Rubber disk placed on the Platter

Return/Reject Lever/Cut- Control used to bring the tonearm to the off position

Pitch- Fine adjustment of the speed control

45 Adapter

Spindle Bearing- Can be found on some spindles

Spindle or Center Shaft or Main Shaft

Multiplay Spindle

Assembly- Assortment of parts for a specific control or function

Mechanism- Usually a single piece of a control or function

Phono Cord, Audio Patch Cord- RCA Jacks for sound output

Anti-Skate- Control used to keep neeedle properly aligned in record groove

Wood Plinth Base- Main base of the unit

Dustcover Lid

Dustcover Lid Hinge

Microswitch or Shut Off

Drawer Tray Gear or Main Cam or Main Gear or Cycle Gear- Runs the turntable though its operating functions

Plate- Usually a base located below the tonearm or other upper turntable feature

Speed Control

Drive Belt- Runs the Platter

Power Transformer

Speed Control Strobe Light or Stroboscope Speed Calibration

Chassis- Metal board that holds all the insides together

Chassis Stabilizer Springs

Wire Clips

Shut Off Slide/Clutch Arm

Motor Switch

Muting Swith

Contact Switch




Customer Support will be happy to answer any questions you might have.


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